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5.3 Sports Bluetooth Glasses with Speakers & Mic | For TRADIES & Frontline Workers Calls/Music

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Android and Siri-compatible technology. Our new Tradie Sports Bluetooth Smart Glasses have Built-in dual speakers and a mic for hands-free calling and audio streaming. Sports Glasses are specially designed for TRADIES, Frontline/Outdoor Workers, Truck Drivers, and Sports Athletes. Any fun that can be made more convenient with Calls, Music, Podcasts and more without the hassle…


Check out these Sports Bluetooth Sunglasses with Speakers and Mic, designed to amp up your game whether you’re a TRADIE, outdoor warrior, truck-driving legend, or fitness fanatic! They’re not just sunglasses—they’re your high-tech, ultra-cool partners in crime.

Picture this: polarized Bluetooth shades that rock dual speakers and mics, blending epic sound with killer style. UV protection? Check. And they’re waterproof (IPX4) to boot, so no worries if you’re out crushing your workout or braving the elements.

These shades don’t just shield your eyes—they’ve got built-in speakers and a dual mic for epic hands-free calls and beats on the go. Sync ’em up via Bluetooth 5.3 to your phone or any gadget, and you’re set to conquer the road or rock your gym session in style.

Meet your new favourite gear: Smart Audio Glasses with Speakers Dual Mic. Stay connected, stay protected, and stay awesome, from work to play and every adventure in between!

Best and when at On-site/construction site, sporting, running, cycling, riding or biking, travelling, and more.

Highly suitable for TRADIES, Frontline and Outdoor Workers, Truck Drivers, and Sports Athletes.

Tradie Sports Bluetooth Glasses Specs

1. Level Up Your Experience with Smart Bluetooth Glasses!

Ditch the ordinary and upgrade to our Smart Glasses featuring built-in dual speakers and microphones for effortless hands-free calls and immersive audio streaming. Perfect for multitasking mavens!

2. Stay Connected Effortlessly with Bluetooth 5.3v

No more hassles with connectivity! Our glasses ensure seamless pairing with smartphones, tablets, and all your favorite gadgets, making setup a breeze. Let the freedom of wireless enhance your day.

3. Protect Your Vision with UV400 Lenses

Don’t compromise on eye care! Our Sports Bluetooth Glasses not only shield your eyes from harmful UV rays but also reduce strain and fatigue, ensuring comfort even during extended wear. Feel the difference!

4. Ready for Action with IPX4 Waterproofing

Designed to handle your toughest challenges, these glasses boast a sweat and water-resistant build that’s ideal for intense workouts and outdoor adventures. Rain or shine, keep pushing forward!

5. Perfect Companion for Your Active Lifestyle

Whether you’re on the job site, cycling, running, or hitting the gym, our glasses enhance every moment with convenient calls, music, podcasts, and more. Elevate your experience wherever your day takes you!

6. Comfort Meets Style

Crafted for both men and women, our glasses offer a snug, irritation-free fit that’s perfect for all-day wear. Embrace comfort without sacrificing style—because you deserve the best!

What’s Best About These Tradie Sports Bluetooth Glasses?

Some work titles or sites may not allow wearing earphones and headphones as this may cause incidents which is understandable. However, our Sports Smart Glasses are Open Ear Bone Conduction. That means your ears are always open to hear conversations and alerts all the time. And you can still enjoy your podcasts, music and calls when working.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 18 × 12 cm